GraviTech ® Tracing now on all Briot edgers

GraviTech ® perfect sizing 1:1 shape reproduction, automatic drill hole detection, Optical Frame Tracing, no routine calibration needed, superior reliability and accuracy over mechanical tracers. 

New Briot Alta Evolution nominated in Silmo d'Or 2016

An additional step in the evolution of edging systems. Having been the first ones to launch the edger without pattern, then the first compact machine all-in-one.  The Alta Evolution system includes the quite new technology Gravitech ®, another market innovation in the history of Briot. This patented technology, based on the consideration of a single reference point during all the cycle of blocking, centring, edging, brings exeptionnal speed and execu-tion reliability. The Alta Evolution is a decisive link in the assembly line of the optician, it participates in a reliable and fast process.